Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vegetarian Sweet Corn Soup

Another cooking tutorial on making vegetarian soup. This time it's vegetarian sweet corn soup by an Indian chef. The ingredients are also simple: carrots, French beans, cauliflower and . They vegetables are to cut or chop into small pieces. And the carrots should be cooked at least for 3-4 minutes. The carrots and the French beans should be chop manually, but the cauliflowers can be chopped or just grated them.

While cooking the carrots, we can prepare the for the stock using corn starch mix with water. Then the sweet corn (cream style) can be put into the boiling soup. After that, put the corn kernels into the soup. Then we can put some seasonings like sugar, salt, white pepper powder, and finally the spring onion greens.

Alright, let's watch how to cook this delicious vegetarian sweet corn soup.

Vegetarian Quinoa Soup Recipe

Quinoa soup is good for health because it contains lots of protein. The ingredients are the quinoa and the mixture of peas, corn, beans and other vegetables as you desired like cauliflower, potatoes, etc. Although, it maybe non-vegetarian, but it mostly has lots of vegetables on. So, just omit any animal origin like the broth or change it with vegetarian one.You can watch how to cook it from the video below.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Japanese Vegetarian Radish Steak

Are you looking for Japanese vegetarian recipes? Well, this video about vegetarian recipe will probably take you a little time only to prepare. It's taught by a Japanese girl who speaks Japanese but with English subtitles. So, if you don't know Japanese, you still know how to cook.

This Japanese vegetarian steak uses radish, potatoes and mushrooms as the main ingredients for cooking. You also need to prepare sake and soy sauce for the steak sauce or gravy. I  think this could be a very healthy and yummy food about steak because radish and other vegetables are used to replace meat. Moreover, it's quite easy to understand and look for the ingredients to cook this Japanese vegetarian diet steak.

Radish are very good for your digestion and also rich in nutrition. Leeks are used in this recipe, but if you don't eat leek, just leave out the leek. Enjoy your Japanese vegetarian radish recipe.

Useful Korean expressions for Vegetarian in Korea

If you are a vegetarian who visit Korea and want to look for vegetarian food, you probably need to learn some vegetarian related expressions in Korean language. Vegetarian concept is actually new in Korea, so you need to learn how to say that you are a vegetarian in Korean  language.

This video is about to teach you some basic Korean expressions that you might probably use in restaurants in  Korea. So, if you travel to Korea, you probably still be able to eat without meat in some non vegetarian restaurants. At least, you will know how to order your food without meat, fish, etc. But, who knows you'll find vegetarian restaurant in Korea if you are lucky enough.

Yummy Apple Fries recipe from Chef Jason Hill again

Here's another simple but great cooking video from Chef Jason Hill. It's suitable for vegetarian. You probably have ever tasted French fries, which is from potatoes. But, have you ever tried making apple fries? Well, I just know about "apple fries" from this video. This should be great cooking recipe because it's simple to prepare and cook. Chef Jason Hill also teaches us  how to make the dipping sauce for this Apple Fries.

Vegetarian Chili by Chef Jason Hill

Here's a short video about making vegetarian chili by Chef Jason Hill. If you don't eat garlic or onions, you can use peppers instead. Through this simple video, you can learn to make yummy vegetarian chili. You can also get more healthy vegetarian tips from him on this website: I hope you enjoy watching this vegetarian cooking video.

How to make yummy veggie burgers?

Burgers have become common fast food in the world. Nowadays, people keep on talking about health. And thus, more and more people become vegan or vegetarian. Also more and more vegan / vegetarian recipes are spreading out all over the internet every day. Below is a short video teaching you how to make veggie burger. Through simple steps of preparing veggie burger, you'll also find that cooking vegetarian is a kind of fun besides for your health.