Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Japanese Vegetarian Radish Steak

Are you looking for Japanese vegetarian recipes? Well, this video about vegetarian recipe will probably take you a little time only to prepare. It's taught by a Japanese girl who speaks Japanese but with English subtitles. So, if you don't know Japanese, you still know how to cook.

This Japanese vegetarian steak uses radish, potatoes and mushrooms as the main ingredients for cooking. You also need to prepare sake and soy sauce for the steak sauce or gravy. I  think this could be a very healthy and yummy food about steak because radish and other vegetables are used to replace meat. Moreover, it's quite easy to understand and look for the ingredients to cook this Japanese vegetarian diet steak.

Radish are very good for your digestion and also rich in nutrition. Leeks are used in this recipe, but if you don't eat leek, just leave out the leek. Enjoy your Japanese vegetarian radish recipe.

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