Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Crisp Silken Tofu Crusted in Lemongrass

This is a video of Vietnamese Vegan tofu recipe. It's taken from Luke Nguyens Vietnam broadcast on SBS TV Australia. This tofu recipe is so great for any tofu lovers as it's mostly loved by people all over the world. This cooking video is also very special that it takes "outdoor nature" as the background for the program. The chef uses "lemon grass" to enrich the the flavor and add the fragrance of the tofu. Let's watch this Vietnamese tofu cooking. Visit here for more recipe.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Vegetarian Laksa Recipe

Laksa is a kind of popular Peranakan food, which is always found in countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. It is a merger of Chinese and Malay spicy noodle soup. Although, it's spicy, many people just like its special taste. Originally, it's not vegetarian because shrimps or prawns are one of the ingredients. But, vegetarians can also enjoy this special food in certain vegetarian restaurants that also serve Peranakan vegetarian foods. I think this should be very common in most parts of these three countries mentioned above. 

I just found a video about vegan laksa on Youtube and here I would like to share it with you. Hope you can enjoy learning how to cook laksa.